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Legacy Roundtable Accelerated Summer Mathematics Academy

2015 Includes New Collegiate Partner:
Riverside City College

“Rebuilding with new Partners”

Riverside City College enrolled its first Legacy Scholars during the summer of 2014; both scholars were headed to UC Irvine in the fall. This new partnership will allow Legacy to focus new recruitment efforts in the Riverside and Perris regions of the Inland Empire where the number and proportion of African American males performing at Basic, Below Basic and Far Below Basic levels on state math standards is sometime five times higher than other ethnic counterparts at their schools. Legacy Roundtable is about inspiring these scholars to seek excellence in mathematics and all other subjects required for college admissions after high school graduation.

Legacy Roundtable was inspired in 2004 to launch the Accelerated Summer Mathematics Academy (ASMA) when observed numbers of African American males taking calculus in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties included less than 200 scholars. Legacy Roundtable has committed to continuing math acceleration efforts until the day we observe 500 African American males taking Calculus during the same semester in the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley service area. The program enters its 11th year with plans to expand to serve African American females in the near future.

Summer 2015 ASMA classes will include a continued focus on Algebra and more challenging math courses through Calculus. Students will take community college level classes that replace a “full-year” of high school requirement in order to enroll into more rigorous math courses upon return to school in fall 2015. During the first phase of the program, scholars receive three months of math tutoring on Saturday mornings taught by Legacy Roundtable tutors February through April.

Summer courses last approximately six weeks and are taught by community college professors. Students who complete these classes with passing scores will receive college credits for their work and enroll in more challenging math classes at their high schools during the following fall semester. Student performance and attendance during the February through May period determines who is allowed to proceed through the community college portion of the program.

Scholars get math assistance during the February through April period on their current math classes as well as assistance with preparation for the Community College Math Assessment Test at Saturday sessions conducted at UC Riverside. Results of this community college assessment test determine which community college courses a student may enter for credit. The summer courses can be taken at partner campuses: Mt. SAC, Chaffey College, Riverside City College and Mt. San Jacinto Community College. Scholars may also elect to complete summer courses at their regular schools or use online math courses sponsored by CSU San Bernardino and Chino Unified School District. Scholars at the community college sites are supported daily by Legacy sponsored tutors stationed at their campuses.

Phase three of the program includes an extended stay at a residential housing dormitory with all of the “real college” amenities at the University of California’s Riverside or Irvine campuses and will be awarded to ALL scholars who complete summer classes.

Legacy Roundtable has made a commitment of enrolling 500 African American males into Calculus within the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley—all in the same year. Legacy pledges to ensure that each of these scholars is competitively eligible for top colleges and universities throughout California and the nation if they continue habits gained through participation and use college preparation guidance provided by Legacy partners. Legacy Roundtable is sponsored by the Council of African American Parents, a non-profit organization.

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